The Most 12 Costly Business Development Mistakes by Ahmad Mutawaa

Ahmed Al-Mutawaa a serial entrepreneur from Kuwait and the founder/CEO of Mubaader Enterprise, has shared some NOT TO-DO Business Development tips with his followers on Twitter, I really like this one because it is so true..

  • Mistake # 1 Ignoring existing clients is a BIG no no. As a business you must TAKE care of existing client to the maximum #12Mistakes 
  • Mistake # 2 A major mistake 2 be Assuming great work means satisfied & loyal customers. Building loyalty through time is key! #12Mistakes 
  • Mistake # 3 Assuming you KNOW what the client need. You need to ask Qs & listen 2 get to know who ur dealing with. #12Mistakes
  • Mistake # 4 An isolated business that Lives up on the mountains All Businesses are about relationships. Build a network! #12Mistakes
  • Mistake # 5 Discounting too quickly without cause. Give a reason: building relation, will to work on budget, minimizing hrs #12Mistakes
  • Mistake # 6 Not bringing an additional value to the client during the life span of the project award ! #12Mistakes
  • Mistake # 7 Not understanding the client’s business decision making process/budgetary constraints ! Big BIG mistake #12Mistakes
  • Mistake # 8 Assuming that people you meet will think of YOU next time they need something. Solution: Always keep hammering !
  • Mistake # 9 Keep your front end of the business loose with an average customer care. Solution: keep the best at the front lines
  • Mistake # 10 Having the client call you for the updates instead of taking the initiative to update them 1st thing 1st ! #12Mistakes
  • Mistake # 11 Having no follow up system in place. WOW, major major conversion issue here ! #12Mistakes
  • Mistake # 12 Having an egoistic business attitude after growth has been achieved. #12Mistakes 

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